With the 2021 NFL trade deadline fast approaching for the losing Miami Dolphins, the trade deadline means an opportunity. Opportunity to exchange underutilized or underperforming talent for a capital project. Also, the less likely ability to grab unwanted talent from their current teams to meet needs with their roster.

The roster of seasoned and aging talent on the 2021 Miami Dolphins roster is plentiful. Xavier Howard, Byron Jones, Jason McCourty, Justin Coleman, Jerome Baker, Adam Butler, Jesse Davis, Durham Smyth, Devante Parker, Malcolm Brown and Will Fuller are either underachieving or not underperforming in the 2022 plans.

Their market may be limited, but if this scheme can quickly decide before the November 2 trade deadline that they are more valuable as business assets than playing every Sunday, Miami may be able to see. what are the emerging young talents under them in the detailed graph.

Behind these aging and underachieving veterans are Nik Needham, 2019 border corner starter Noah Igbinoghene, 2020 2nd round selection, Jovan Holland safe, 2020 3rd round selection Brandon Jones and team captain. 2022 Mack Hollins, to name a few. .

To enhance the opportunity to exchange talents known to give Miami Dolphins youth more playing time to develop, coaching staff need to better identify each player’s strengths to put them in place for success. Poor player placement was seen all over the pitch in 2021.

Miami has started playing 2021 1st round selection Jalean Phillips on the cover to start their season; the edge defender has the athletic ability to do so. Still, the limited exposure during his time at college made things confusing. After the training of the coaching staff, Phillips is now 2nd in the league for pressures produced by a rookie so far in 2021.

Plus, the use of 1st round pick Jaylen Waddle has been a bit of a mystery. Known for deep roads and playing in space in college, Waddle accumulates catches for short wins. Its use is more of a possession receiver, which its lightweight frame and fast routes suggest as a mistake.

Training errors and the lack of coaching staff to put the players in a position to play with their strengths created tensions in the dressing room, which will take a long time to regain the confidence of the players. The 2021 Miami Dolphins have up their sleeves for the November 2, 2021 trade deadline is a mystery. But let’s hope the fans use it as a springboard to get out of this huge hole.

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