Panaji: The All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) on Tuesday urged Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to resolve the long-standing demands of workers and contract workers who have been waiting for more than 12 years to have their jobs regularized. The AITUC, which staged a rally for unionized workers as part of its India-wide strike, also demanded that the benefits of the 7th Wages Commission be extended to all state government employees.
Other demands of the AITUC were an increase in the minimum wage, overtime payments to employees of the river navigation service and the resumption of iron ore mining in Goa.
Most of the AITUC requests are related to RND, Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited (KTCL), Public Works Department (PWD), Panchayats, Electricity Department and Kindergarten Aids. The AITUC said that in view of the “unprecedented sharp rise in commodity prices”, there must be a corresponding increase in the minimum wage.
“Although KTCL management has implemented the 7th recommendation of the wage commission to all workers and staff, the formalities for signing the wage agreement have not been completed,” the general secretary of KTCL said. AITUC for Goa, Christopher Fonseca. He said that the 7th salary arrears of KTC staff have been pending since October 2016.
“Implement the recommendations of the 7th Salary Commission to all panchayat employees from October 2016. Despite our repeated reminders and assurances from the Chief Minister, dues are not being paid to panchayat staff,” said he declared.
The AITUC also drew Sawant’s attention to line helpers under contract with the Energy Department who have been working for more than 12 years without their services being regularized.
He demanded equal pay for all contract workers employed under the PWD labor supply company as well as a periodic review of the dearness allowance. The AITUC demanded that PWD contractors who have completed five years of service be regularized and receive salaries at the same level as the 7th salary commission.
Fonseca said that over time, salaries for the river navigation department have been pending for more than 32 months, which needs to be resolved.