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The dolphins are in a bit of trouble here.

For the second year in a row, the Dolphins’ playoff hopes were dashed by a resounding loss at the hands of a playoff-linked team. More concerning is the fact that the quarterback they picked with the fifth overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft looks nothing like the transcendent star they thought they were getting.

Tua Tagovailoa was just plain bad on Sunday against the Titans. He looked like a quarterback who was still a little overwhelmed by the speed of the NFL and never really gave the Dolphins a chance to get into the game. He hasn’t always got the best assist from his teammates, but at some point a heavily drafted quarterback needs to show some ability to lead a team against a tough opponent.

Right now, Tagovailoa looks like a quarterback who needs to be worn. Which is bad news for a fragile offensive support cast in Miami that needs several additions along the offensive line this offseason.

Keeping the closet a bit empty for Tagovailoa, the Dolphins haven’t given him the best chance to succeed, but they have also seen that he’s just a quarterback who needs the deck to be stacked for him. ‘he succeeds.

It’s put the Dolphins in an interesting place and they’re kind of back where they started in terms of looking for a quarterback. Do you take it back with Tagovailoa and use the assets of the offseason to strengthen his environment or are you going elsewhere?

Before and during the season, the Dolphins have reportedly discussed at length a trade for Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, who is currently dealing with more than 20 sexual harassment allegations. That’s how absurdly starved this franchise is for a star quarterback – and Tagovailoa has done nothing to appease those desires of the people who are in charge of the squad.

Fans of the Tagovailoa game can point out the team’s seven-game winning streak and the fact that it has only started 20 games in the NFL. He might deserve more time as a starter, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be in Miami. There just hasn’t been enough production or defining moments that show he’s capable of being the Dolphins’ long-term franchise quarterback.

If the Dolphins decide to leave Tagovailoa this offseason with a trade, it’s fair to wonder what’s next for a team that hasn’t been able to get consistent quarterback production for a long, long time. . Trade for Russell Wilson? Sell ​​some of your soul and get back to the Watson hunt? See if you can force Atlanta’s Matt Ryan?

The 2022 quarterback market isn’t very robust and doesn’t provide a lot of foolproof decisions, but the Dolphins are already at the point where they should seriously consider trying something new at quarterback.

GM Chris Grier and Brian Flores have a lot of tough decisions ahead of them, but none more urgent than how to get more production from the quarterback.

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