All the focus is on the usual big market suspects, but the Miami Marlins should consider shocking MLB with a major move this summer.

What if I told you that the star of the 2021 MLB trading deadline… will be the Miami Marlins?

And just to be clear, I don’t mean as sellers either. There is absolutely a path to the most improved 2021 MLB roster by July 30, being the Miami Boys.

Part of this is due to players already in the organization who are expected to come back from injury within this time frame. Add Starling marte and Sixto Sanchez to a team that has three elite starting pitchers and two of the top three RBI leaders in the Netherlands will pay huge dividends for Miami. In fact, one could argue that these additions are more than enough, and indeed are the Marlins’ “trade delay move”. In fact, the Marlins’ organization has already almost suggested it itself.

The problem with this logic is twofold. On the one hand, this is just a return to the status quo since the start of spring training. A time when Miami was already considered to be behind the pack in the division. For another, for the logic to make sense, the rest of the list should have stayed healthy. It was not the case.

Still, Miami finds itself just three games away from first place and in a prime position to make some noise this season if the breaks can finally start to fall. If things start to take a turn for the worse … and they have the foresight to do the second thing to do to get better:

Make a splash in the retail market this summer. Like a Trevor’s story, choose a splash the size of a little one.

Why should the Marlins consider such a move? Three reasons should occupy an important place in the mind of Kim Ng and Derek jeter when they decide how best to proceed over the next two months. While the best reason might be one that’s so obvious I didn’t even include it in the list.

Marlins fans would be ecstatic.

But let’s keep it a pinch, especially since the new regime has been pretty firm in acting as if it hasn’t actually inherited any baggage from the way the old regimes ran the franchise. Instead, letting us focus on three much more practical reasons, this might be the time to launch the offensive with a major move.

The first being …

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