Nokia caused a storm by unveiling its brand new Nokia G11 handset, which offers a monumental three-day battery life and a price tag of just £119, earlier this year. For anyone who pocketed a Nokia 3310 in the 2000s, the G11 promises equally epic battery life and durability. Sure, three days between charges isn’t quite as good as the month-long battery life the original 3310 could muster, but it still comfortably beats the one-day battery that owners of modern smartphones have become accustomed.

While £119 is already quite affordable compared to the latest flagship handsets from Samsung, Google and Apple, there is a way to make owning this new Nokia smartphone even more affordable. Mobile network O2 is currently offering the handset from just £14.75 per month with no upfront cost. For that, you’ll get the Nokia G11 with its 90Hz high refresh rate screen, triple camera and face unlock, along with 2GB of mobile data every month, unlimited texts and unlimited calls.

Even better, if you’re signed up with Virgin Media for your home broadband, O2 will double your mobile data allowance from 2GB to 4GB every month at no charge. You’ll also get O2 Priority, which offers early access to tickets to some of the biggest concerts, including those at London’s O2 Arena, as well as free coffees each week at Cafe Nero and other discounts on food and drinks. O2 will also be thrown into a 1 month subscription to Disney+ free.

O2 is charging £2.75 for the handset, which is on a 36 month contract. At the end of that term you’ll have paid £99 for the smartphone – that’s £20 less than buying the G11 outright from Nokia. The remaining £12 of your monthly spend is for mobile data, minutes and texts. This contract has a duration of 24 months. After that, you will need to purchase a SIM-only plan from another mobile network or choose a new plan from O2 to continue to be able to call, text and connect with your G11.

If you want to unlock even bigger savings, O2 allows new customers to take back their old smartphone to save on their monthly bills.

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Nokia, which is owned and operated by HMD Global, has promised more security updates than the competition to help keep important data stored on its devices fully protected. In the past, affordable Android handsets were quickly abandoned by manufacturers, leaving them without the latest security patches, bug fixes, etc. As such, these affordable smartphones have become a false economy – something Nokia desperately doesn’t want to happen with its range.

Discussing his plans to continue supporting affordable handsets for years to come, Florian Seiche, CEO of HMD Global, said, “We continue to push the boundaries in the mid-range segment by providing affordable technology, secure and competitive for all. We are delighted to unveil two new heroes of our flagship G-series, the Nokia G11 and Nokia G21.

“Both devices embody the qualities of durability and long battery life that Nokia phones became famous for all those years ago. This, combined with the best of Android software and more security updates competition in this price class, cements our vision for 2022 and beyond – as we continue to build phones that last longer.

the The Nokia G11 went on sale in March for £199 SIM-free and is available in Charcoal (dark grey/black) and Emotional Ice (white/blue green).

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