ISLAMABAD: Following the replenishment of the Governing Council (GC) of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), the government on Tuesday secured approval for the rebasing of the national accounts for the calculation of gross domestic product (GDP) in the year of base 2005-6 to 2015-16.

This led to an upward revision in the size of GDP to 55.5 trillion rupees for the last financial year 2020-21, from 48 trillion rupees, while in dollars it rose from 298 billion dollars to 347 billion in 2020-21. Per capita income rose to Rs 266,614, up from the previous figure of Rs 246,414 for 2020-21, while in dollars it rose to $1,666 from the previous projection of $1,543 in exercise course.

However, the size of the economy under the PTI-led regime was still smaller than that of the PML(N)-led regime when it stood at $357 billion in 2017-2018.

As the PBS was handed over to the Ministry of Planning, its reconstituted board was now chaired by Federal Minister of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives (PD&SI) Asad Umar.

The PBS GC has also been informed that the office will purchase 120,000 tablet computers and a summary for obtaining the first batch will soon be filed with Cabinet under the compliance of the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA). The PBS will organize a sample census in May 2022 with a selection of 2-3% area in the four provinces of the country.

According to the official announcement, the 19th PBS CG meeting was held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of the Minister of Planning.

The meeting was attended by the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, Dr. Mohammad Jehanzeb Khan, PD&SI Secretary Abdul Aziz Uqaili, Chief Statistician, PBS Dr. Naeem Uz Zafar, members and other relevant stakeholders.

PBS Chief Statistician, Dr. Naeem Uz Zafar briefed the forum on the agenda items to be discussed as well as the status of implementation of the decision taken at the 18th MC meeting. The GC Secretary also highlighted the agenda item “Change in Basis of National Accounts (CBNA) from (2005-06) to (2015-16)”.

After discussion and deliberation, the rebasing of the national accounts from (2005-06) to (2015-16) was approved by the CG. It was also decided that the work on the next rebasing could be launched after the population census of 2022 and that the financial year 2023 could be taken as the reference year for the next rebasing of the national accounts.

During the meeting, the GC briefed the meeting on the agenda item “Rebasing trade indices from (1990-9) to (2017-18)”. The forum was briefed on the recommendations of the PBS Technical Committee regarding the rebasing of commercial indices. He was also informed that the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) had already welcomed the initiative and endorsed the proposed methodology for rebasing trade statistics. The PBS GC unanimously approved the rebasing of trade indices from (1990-91) to (2017-18).

The Secretary, GC informed the forum that the conduct of various censuses and surveys has been halted due to the conduct of the 7th Population and Housing Census. It has been decided by the GC to resume various censuses and surveys after the completion of the 7th Population and Housing Census – 2022.

The CG was also briefed on the results of the 2017 Population and Housing Census as well as various activities of the 7th Population and Housing Census, the first ever “digital census” of Pakistan.

CG members Dr Muhmamad Iqbal and Dr Syed Muhammad Arif appreciated the initiative of PBS where various sensitization workshops on Population and Housing Census were conducted in all provinces for sensitization in the census. These workshops are important for involving stakeholders, especially government organizations, researchers and data users from the planning stage.

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