Support NCA’s Carbon Trading Plan, Says YB

Posted on: Wednesday 08 December 2021

By: Sherell Jeffrey

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Kota Kinabalu: Sungai Manila assembly member Mokran Ingkat called for increased support for the Nature Conservation Agreement (NCA) carbon trading plan and less skepticism. “Don’t be too skeptical of this initiative. Don’t be too hard on the NCA. From what I understand, the Forestry Department, which serves as the secretariat of the NCA, will not just advise the government to sign agreements that do not benefit Sabah and its people, ”he said. declared. He addressed this issue during Monday’s state legislature debate on the 2022 state budget.


He said the NCA is a new source of revenue that can bring in up to 3 billion ringgit per year and that its success has been demonstrated by Yayasan Sabah’s previous carbon trading operations. “The program was never funded by the government, but it had environmental benefits and created employment opportunities for our young people,” he said. “I recognize the need for openness in the consultation of the ANC, but people should not condemn the proposal,” he said. He also called for a reduction in political rhetoric in areas relating to the claim for rights under the Malaysia Agreement of 1963. He also indicated his support for the government’s attempt to study all statutory bodies and agencies. of State. “I have been the president of Safma for less than a year and I find that Safma is not actively involved in the fishing industry,” he added, citing Safma.


“Safma deals exclusively with the rental of fishing facilities, not with the fisheries administration. “Accordingly, I agree that operational operations be restructured in accordance with their establishment objectives (statutory bodies and state agencies) to ensure that all state government investments meet their objectives and generate higher returns. Likewise, he said that the Village Development and Security Committee (JPKK) should also be restructured and receive annual allocations to strengthen its services. “The government should look at the allowances distributed to the JPKK. I understand that some have not yet received their allowance, ”he said. While supporting the planned allocations for women, youth and sport development, Mokran also called for social welfare agencies such as the Sungai Manila Association for the Blind to be considered as receiving allowances from the government. He also agreed with Sebatik on the need to develop border towns with adequate infrastructure. “Sungai Melayu is right next to Indonesian Sungai Nyamuk, but the development is very far in comparison. Sungai Melayu on our side of the border is still a village with gravel roads compared to Sungai Nyamuk in Indonesia which is complete in facilities and infrastructure, ”he said.
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