The letter revealed how narrow-minded and selfish the members of this association were.

by our special correspondent

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA), one of the unions in the public health sector, has sent a threatening letter to the Secretary of the Ministry of Health, alleging that the authorities are preparing to cut their additional allowances. The letter also requested that the four-hour per diem limit be removed and calculated on a monthly basis. Indeed, they can complete the additional allowances up to a maximum of 120 hours per month by reporting to work on the days that suit them.

If you read the letter carefully, you will understand how narrow-minded and selfish the members of this association are. This is just another example of how these deformed thugs disguised as saviors have led to the destruction and politicization of the public health service in this country. They have become doctors at public expense but do not hesitate to play with the fate of ordinary people who come to public hospitals. It’s no secret that they give priority to the work of private hospitals and do not care about the fate of the country and the people. This union said it would quit if the cuts were made in the face of a massive economic challenge facing the country.