SINGAPORE – Vaccinated Singaporean citizens can enter Malaysia from next week (December 20) via the causeway, when the two countries expand a no-quarantine program at land borders.

Likewise, vaccinated Malaysians will be able to enter Singapore via the causeway without quarantine as part of the extended Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) program between the two countries.

Currently, only citizens, permanent residents and long-term pass holders of the country they are entering can travel via land VTL.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) said on Tuesday (December 14) that there would be no changes to current testing protocols in Singapore and Malaysia.

“All travelers entering Singapore will be required to comply with applicable testing protocols and secure management measures,” MTI added.

For example, all travelers entering Singapore will be required to undergo a seven-day Covid-19 rapid antigen (ART) testing regimen after arrival. They should take self-administered ART daily until the seventh day after arrival. Tests on days three and seven should be performed at a testing center.

Travelers entering Malaysia will also be subject to a daily Covid-19 testing regimen for six days, in accordance with the country’s current rules.

The VTL program for non-quarantine travel between Singapore and Malaysia began on November 29, for land and air travel.

Currently, the land VTL has additional restrictions on who can use it, to allow workers to reunite with their families first. This means that leisure travelers cannot enter Malaysia via the causeway, but can travel to Kuala Lumpur via the air VTL.

At a multi-ministerial Covid-19 task force press conference on Tuesday, Trade and Industry Minister Gan Kim Yong said authorities would continue to monitor demand for the non-quarantine travel program.

He added that the authorities will adjust and review the capacity accordingly, taking into account the public health situation in Singapore and Malaysia.

Mr Gan said there are checks and balances, such as the Covid-19 testing regime, to allow Singapore to open up safely.

He also said discussions were underway on extending the land-based VTL to allow people to travel without quarantine between countries via trains. Currently, land VTL travelers can only travel between the two countries via designated buses.

Health Minister Ong Ye Kung said the expansion of the VTL program was not a complete reopening of the borders between the two countries, as significantly more people traveled between the borders daily before the pandemic. .

Mr Gan said the main purpose of restarting quarantine-free travel between Singapore and Malaysia is to allow long-separated families to reunite.

In response to a question about the authorities’ advice to people wishing to travel to Johor Baru for day trips, he said: “My advice is that you need to assess the situation and (see) if the risk is worth it. sadness.

“I will encourage you to think very carefully if you want to spend just a day (there), keeping in mind that there are testing regimes in place.”