Kolapo Kola-Daisi, the Accord’s senatorial candidate for the Oyo South senatorial district in the 2023 elections, says youth empowerment and economic emancipation of the country will be his priority, if elected as a senator.

While saying that he ventured into politics to give quality representation to young people, he said he knows that they are very important for nation building.

Presenting on the “Podium”, a forum of personalities from the Union of Nigerian Journalists (NUJ), the Oyo State Council said: “I hope when I get there I can provide that inspiration Model type to young people, young people constitute more than about 90 percent of the total population of the country.

According to him, “As far as I am concerned, we have to realize as a nation that we have to start putting our young people first. I go into politics not just for myself, but to be an inspiration to young people.

He said his experience and professional prowess would be put to good use in his business as well as in nation building.

While saying he would also ensure that bills aimed at empowering young people are passed adequately and quickly, he noted, “I have experience in fundraising; I have experience in mentoring; I have experience working with young people to help them achieve their goals. These are some of the things we plan to do when we start serving our constituents.

The famous banker, however, lamented the negative effects of the continuing strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) on the youth population and urged the federal government to break the deadlock.

He described the teaching profession as the most important profession in all countries and should not be taken for granted.

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“I’m not saying any particular demands need to be met, but what we’re saying is we need to try to redirect a lot of our resources as a nation to start focusing on what’s important. We need to look at resource allocation and spend a lot more of our budget to help these children in school,” Kola-Daisi said.

Adding unemployed youths along with out-of-school students, Kolapo said, would undoubtedly bring a lot of turmoil to the nation.

“As a government, I think it’s high time we started thinking about how we allocate resources when we come up with our budget. Find unnecessary things and redirect them to ensure our children stay in school. Let them have an education.

“Let them have the best education. Let us also give our teachers what they need to be able to best teach our brothers and sisters,” he said.

Kola-Daisi said this is the only way for students to graduate to contribute significantly to human capital development and nation building.

Ademola Babalola, President of Oyo NUJ, assured that “The Podium” is open to all politicians from the 18 registered political parties in the state, adding that journalists are for all parties and their candidates.

While congratulating Kola-Daisi for being the first person to appear on the new platform created by NUJ ahead of the 2023 general election, pointed out that “for us in the Oyo NUJ exco, we are planning a special programme, ‘The Podium’, for the 2023 general elections. This platform is accessible to all candidates of the 18 registered political parties to present their manifesto, regardless of gender and age.