Newly elected district executive committees for all 27 districts where elections were recently held were sworn in on Monday, November 22, and officially succeeded the outgoing teams.

The committees are made up of the mayor and the two deputies for economic development and social affairs, and they have all traveled to the Eastern Province for a leadership retreat.

The swearing-in ceremony marked the end of the local election exercise that began a month ago.

Presiding over the swearing-in ceremony in Rusizi District in Western Province, Local Government Minister Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi praised citizens and other opinion leaders for their participation in the elections which he said would take place. are carried out successfully.

He also paid tribute to the outgoing cohort of leaders for their accomplishments in different areas, but said the incoming team needed progressive mentorship in their roles.

“I know that most of these new leaders are educated and experienced in public administration, but they still need more capacity to increase their effectiveness in the workplace,” he said.

They also need the advice of higher authorities and their predecessors, he added.

After the handover ceremonies, all district councilors, including in Kigali city, began preparations to travel to Gishari Police Training School in Rwamagana District for a training program. initiation which will last seven days.

During the retreat, they are expected to cover a range of different topics including their roles, duties and responsibilities, decentralization policy, foundations of governance and consolidation of Rwandan unity.

They will also be briefed on various issues affecting citizens, including human security, human capital development, management of covid-19, homeland security and the ongoing liberation battle.

Different dignitaries from government departments and affiliated agencies are to visit the new retired leaders and brief them before the new term.