Before the bilateral consultation meeting between unions and government in view of the tripartite meeting which will begin on Sunday, the president of the OGBL, Nora Back, was the guest of RTL Radio on Wednesday morning.

“Non-payment of the next wage indexation is not an option for us. We are in the midst of a purchasing power crisis and the situation is very tense for the population”, underlined Nora Back, president of the Trade Union Confederation. Luxembourg independent. (OGBL), during his interview with our colleagues from RTL Radio on Wednesday morning.

Reacting to a statement by Tom Oberweis, president of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts, Back stressed that “we are not in an economic crisis or a recession”. “Employment is high, unemployment is low” and there are “virtually no bankruptcies”. “It should be brought up from time to time,” explained the OGBL president, adding that to say otherwise is “a pessimistic view, not reality.”

According to Back, big business is still doing well, “especially in the banking and oil sectors.” In addition, the president of the OGBL evokes the case of the Cactus group, “which distributed 60 million euros in dividends last year”. Back noted that two salary indexations would not even represent 6 million euros in comparison.

A survey carried out in August among craft entrepreneurs reportedly showed that 70% of companies acknowledged that their activity was stable and 20% even declared that it was growing. Firms could therefore “survive” wage indexation, Back said. She acknowledged that “the crisis creates winners and losers” and that rising energy and food prices mainly affect small and medium-sized enterprises.

The population in particular “needs immediate help”, which is why the OGBL will continue to campaign for the maintenance of the next salary indexations. However, Back pointed out that wage indexations alone are no longer enough, because “they only compensate for the loss of purchasing power”. In addition, “the tax table must be adapted to the wage indexation system”. While Back thinks an energy allocation, as suggested by the Pirate Party and the newly founded Fokus party, would also be “an attractive option”, she declined to give further details as she “does not want to anticipate the tripartite negotiations”. .

The three unions will approach the tripartite meetings as “a united front” and try to represent a single position, as they did last time. But in the end, everyone will have to make their own decision. The president of the OGBL hopes that the negotiations on Sunday have been well prepared and that they will not take place again under pressure. She also hopes to receive the data needed to properly assess the situation and take appropriate action, Back said.