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PCAS (Euronext Paris: PCA)specialist in the development and production of complex molecules for life sciences and innovative technologies, announces the publication of its consolidated sales as of December 31, 2021.

The PCAS Group achieved consolidated revenue of €187.0 million as of December 31, 2021, down 3.7% compared to the same period of the previous financial year (-2.6% at exchange rates constants).

In millions of euros 2021 2020 % cash 2021 At constant exchange rate % cash
Net sales at 31 December 187.0 194.1 -3.7% 189.1 -2.6%
Pharmaceutical Synthesis 119.6 135.2 -11.5% 121.0 -10.5%
Fine specialty chemicals 67.4 58.9 14.4% 68.1 15.7%

Pharmaceutical synthesis

The Pharmaceutical Synthesis activity achieved sales of €119.6 million, down 11.5% compared to 2020 (down 10.5% at constant exchange rates). The sharp drop in sales of hand sanitizer, compared to the peak of consumption in 2020, as well as the drop in volumes on several other products, in particular from the Limay site, could not be compensated for as initially planned by the increase in Estetrol volumes, due to delays in the production of this molecule manufactured for Mithra in the new, very busy pharmaceutical drug production workshop located in Villeneuve-La-Garenne.

Fine specialty chemicals

Fine Specialty Chemicals sales amounted to €67.4 million, up 14.4% compared to 2020 (+15.7% at constant exchange rates). All activities experienced strong sales growth, with particularly strong demand in Electronics and Lubricants, and a good recovery in Cosmetics. Supply and logistics difficulties were closely monitored and therefore had a limited impact on sales. Demand for new projects continues to show good momentum.


The publication of the 2021 results of the PCAS group is scheduled for February 24.

The 2021 results will show a significant net loss mainly due to the delay in sales of Estetrol, and overall a level of net sales which remains insufficient to cover the additional fixed costs incurred at several production sites in recent years in order to improve the quality of manufacturing process.

All PCAS Group teams, with the support of its shareholder Seqens, are fully involved in improving the Group’s results.


2021 results, February 24, 2022


PCAS specializes in the development and production of complex molecules for life sciences and innovative technologies. With approximately 10% of its turnover devoted to R&D and a significant international presence, PCAS is the privileged industrial partner of the major world leading groups. With particularly high standards, the company offers a growing range of products and proprietary solutions in high-end segments. PCAS achieved a turnover of 187.0 million euros in 2021 and employs nearly 1,100 people in six countries.
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