Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke with his British counterpart Boris Johnson about the serious situation in Ukraine. Boris Johnson said: ‘Putin’s regime was deeply troubling and disastrous for the world.

(LR) Russian President Vladimir Putin; Prime Minister Narendra Modi and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. (Image: Reuters)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday he believed Russian President Vladimir’s actions “the Putin regime were deeply troubling and disastrous for the world.”

Boris Johnson said as much during a conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday. The two leaders “discussed the serious situation in Ukraine”.

A statement from the UK Prime Minister’s office said: “Both men agreed that the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine must be respected.”

“Russia should adhere to the Charter of the United Nations,” the leaders said. They both agreed that respect for international law was the only way to ensure global peace and prosperity, the statement said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi spoke to Boris Johnson about India’s support for the humanitarian situation in Ukraine.

“The Prime Minister said the UK and India should step up their efforts to promote peace and de-escalation in the region,” the official statement read.

“Leaders hailed the strong and prosperous relationship between India and the UK and agreed to continue to strengthen trade, security and commercial ties in the weeks and months to come. They looked forward to meeting in person as soon as possible,” the statement read.

The conversation between Boris Johnson and Prime Minister Modi took place against the backdrop of Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine.