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  • Production of documentaries, programs and news clips against the MEK at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mullahic Justice
  • Providing large sums of money to a network of “friendly journalists”
  • 26 Documents Provide Irrefutable Evidence of Religious Fascism’s Goebbels-Type Propaganda Machine

A series of documents regarding the mullahs’ regime’s Press TV (the English-language television network broadcast outside the country) obtained from state radio and television in Iran reveal that Press TV is, on the one hand , a tool to demonize the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and the Iranian Resistance, and on the other hand, the regime uses it as a cover to launder money and evade sanctions.

In one such document, Ahmad Norouzi, who bears the title of “Deputy Content Editor of the News Network”, writes in a letter to Peyman Jebeli, “then Deputy Director of the Organization of radio and television,” July 3, 2021: “Following last week’s meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the General Directorate of Human Rights of the Judiciary, said entities requested access to the content prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the Monafeqin organization [pejorative term used by the regime to refer to PMOI/MEK]. Assuming your approval, please request the office to make content produced there, including documentaries, programs and news clips, available to both entities.

Part no. 1

Another document shows a typewritten letter from Seyyed Mehdi Mirtaleb (chairman of Press TV in London) to Jebeli (copying Norouzi as “director of the administrative and financial complex of Saadatabad” (the foreign branch of the public broadcaster) which asks for an uninitiated intermediary. Iran to circumvent sanctions for a 5% fee and deposit cash in the bank accounts of regime employees and agents.

“Respectfully, as you know, sending funds to the London office is facing a lot of problems due to the escalation of unjust sanctions by Western countries, as eight bank accounts in the London complex have been blocked so far. . Due to unfavorable conditions and increasing sanctions, any transfer of funds from other countries will lead to disruptions in the accounts of this resort. So the only safe way to send money is through banks in London. In this regard, many meetings with money changers were held in London and Tehran, but due to Press TV’s affiliation with Iran, none of them were willing to cooperate with this office. .

“The owner of the office (Mr. Issam Saud), who has been cooperating with us for many years and is completely trustworthy, has agreed to cooperate with the whole plan, and the receipt of remittance amounts in other countries and in return make payments from his own company (which is in London) to the account of the London office.Since this transfer has a lot of costs for them (such as taxes, transfer fees, closing two of their accounts, etc.), they increased their fees from 3% to 5%.

“It should be noted that the rate it offers for converting euros into pounds (receiving a payment in euros and depositing pounds into the network account) is very appropriate and comparable to the current market rate. For example, the cash amount in Pounds received by the London office through the Iranian Embassy was delivered at the exchange rate of …………… (attachment). This rate was the rate of the Saud company during the same period of …………… Thus, the proposed rate for the high amounts sent is very considerate and fair and justifies the increase in the charges.

“Regarding the remittance sent by Mr. Azimi, please note that even after several follow-ups, it was not possible to send the remittance from Dubai to the London office account. To resolve this issue, the owner from the office [Issam Saud] signed a contract with Mr. Azimi (to facilitate remittance). Mr. Azimi sent money to the owner’s account. He asked for a 5% fee to receive the payout in London given the financial issues involved.

“As at present the only possible way to send funds and transfer money to the London office is Mr. Issam Saud, we kindly ask you to issue relevant orders regarding the increase in transfer fees.”

Part no. 2

Part no. 3:

Document showing the transfer of 521,838 euros via Dubai and Turkey

Part no. 4:

Transfer of 376,000 dollars via Beirut

According to documentation and evidence obtained, all of which can be presented in court, tens of millions of dollars of the Iranian people’s assets and funds are spent on terrorism, demonization campaigns and the payment of salaries for agents and network of “journalist friends”. , via Press TV.

Part no. 5:

Obtain and pay $57,629 for the services of “experts”, companies and “friendly journalists”.

December 10, 2018

Part no. 6:

Order to pay €431,760 of €1,800,000 debt to ‘journalist friend’ and consultancy firms across Turkey

December 19, 2018

“Dear Mr. Shahriari, Honorable Deputy Financial Resources and Human Capital,

Greetings and respect, attached is the list of financial requests from journalists of service provider companies and program producers abroad who cooperate with the Press TV and Hispan TV networks. It amounts to approximately €1,800,000.

“As you know, problems arose, and the delay in paying their claims and the monthly increase in debt caused the dissatisfaction of journalists and companies, leading to the termination of cooperation and the filing of complaints against this resort. This has, in turn, disrupted our operations. Please pay 2,632,905 Turkish Liras (equivalent to 431,760 Euros) via GUMUS to the company’s account at Mellat Bank Istanbul according to the attached invoice and the following account details to pay part of the mentioned debt.

Sincerely, Peyman Jebeli

Deputy director of extra-territorial

Part no. 7:

Receipt for payment of $36,614, with letterhead from Press TV, Beirut Office

October 19, 2018

Part no. 8:

Dear Mr. Norouzi, Esteemed Manager of Saadatabad Complex, I would like to inform you that my representative in Beirut received $848,395 from Mr. Molaei, and I am responsible for this amount from now on.

Thank you,

Seyed Mehdi Mirtaleb, January 16, 2019.”

Part no. 9:

Minutes showing payment of £37,840 in cash for the director of Press TV in London by the Embassy’s financial officer, signed by the Embassy’s officer

January 21, 2019.

Part no. 10:

Document showing the deposit of 8,910,000 Chinese yuan (more than $1,400,000) to solve exchange problems faced by Saadatabad and for journalists and service companies and “friendly journalists”

May 8, 2019

May 8, 2019

Dear Mr. Shahriari, Honorable Deputy of Financial Resources and Human Capital,

Greetings and greetings. Following correspondence and numerous meetings held regarding the Saadatabad Complex’s currency issues and the bureaus’ and reporters’ and service companies’ currency issues, please order the release of an amount of 8,910,000 yuan to pay part of the declared debts (including 17% of fees) to be deposited in the company’s account… (linked to the GUMUSH exchange), according to the attached account details (in the Clone Bank of China) and the attached invoice.

Peyman Jebeli, Director of Extra-territorial »

Part no. 11:

Receipt of payment of 400,000 euros in Dubai by the director of Press TV London

April 25, 2019

Exhibit 12:

Receipt for payment of 160,000 pounds in cash in London

June 24, 2020

Exhibit 13:

Receipt for payment of 120,000 pounds cash in London

July 22, 2020

Exhibit 14:

Receipt for payment of 120,000 pounds cash in London

August 22, 2020

Exhibit 15:

Receipt for payment of 65,000 pounds in cash in London

September 22, 2020

Exhibit 16:

Receipt of payment of 105,000 pounds on November 17, 2020 and 50,000 pounds on November 6, 2020

Exhibit 17:

Receipt for payment of 25,000 pounds cash in London

November 24, 2020

Exhibit 18:

Receipt for payment of 85,800 pounds in cash and 15,500 pounds deposit

March 17, 2021

Exhibit 19:

Invoice of 400,000 euros for 80 tonnes of raw plastic material

Letterhead of NIZIP company in Dubai, payable to Press TV office in Saadatabad, Tehran

February 18, 2019

Part no. 20:

Invoice of 1,747,000 Emirati dirhams (400,000 euros) for “satellite services under contract

Letterhead from NIZIP company in Dubai to Press TV office in Saadatabad in Tehran

March 17, 2019

Part no. 21:

Receipt of payment of $18,000 for exchange services in Beirut

September 9, 2020

Exhibit 22:

Receipt for payment of $3,000 to a lawyer

September 9, 2020

Exhibit 23:

Receipt for payment of $5,000 in exchange for 10 episodes

September 9, 2020

Exhibit 24:

Receipt of payment of 10,000 dollars to produce a program

September 10, 2020

Exhibit 25:

Receipt of payment of 987,800 Chinese yuan (over $156,600) to a Chinese company

May 6, 2019

Exhibit 26:

Receipt of payment of 1,068,420 Chinese yuan (over $170,000) to a Chinese company

May 6, 2019

These documents represent only the tip of the iceberg. They show once again that all embassies and diplomatic missions of the Iranian regime, in addition to all entities, associations and institutions affiliated with the regime, are completely involved in espionage, money laundering, terrorist operations and demonization campaigns, especially against the MEK. and the Iranian Resistance.

The Iranian Resistance once again stresses the imperative to shut down all centers of the mullahs’ regime in foreign countries, including Press TV offices, and to arrest, convict and expel Terrorist Force operatives Al-Quds and the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), in addition to canceling the residences and refugee status of these agents.

National Council of Resistance of Iran

Security and Counterterrorism Committee

February 14, 2022