New payroll auto-run and smart tax recommendations allow HR managers and administrators to automate and optimize time-consuming processes

CINCINNATI, August 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Paycor HCM, Inc. (“Paycor”) (Nasdaq: PYCR), a leading provider of human capital management (HCM) software, today announced the release of two new payroll features, Payroll AutoRun and Intelligent Tax Recommendations. These new product enhancements will help ease the administrative burden of payroll processing, allowing HR managers to spend time on more strategic business and employee-focused tasks, such as retaining and developing their employees.

Businesses now face geographically dispersed employees like never before, which can make navigating various state qualifications for taxes and payroll difficult. Helping customers manage these complexities and challenges has never been more important. Paycor’s new features help take the guesswork out of the payroll process, helping to process payments efficiently and accurately no matter where an employee is.

“Historically, in almost every industry, payroll has been a time-consuming and tedious process for HR and admins. It’s also often a manual process, which can lead to errors and confusion,” said Ryan Bergstrom, product manager at Paycor. “These new products help automate the process, relieving HR managers of a heavy burden and, with the addition of mobile app functionality, managers can access and process payroll with just a few clicks, adding to overall ease.”

Key features of the new solutions include:

  • Automatic payroll execution
    • Allows HR managers and administrators to set a schedule to automatically run payroll.
    • Keeps leaders informed along the way with updates in the Paycor mobile app
  • Smart tax recommendations
    • Reduces time spent researching taxes to set up for each situation
    • Makes recommendations for each employee based on where they live and work
    • Compliance dashboard alerts executives to missing information and potential issues

Payroll auto-run and smart tax recommendations are available to all Paycor users. To learn more about all product features, visit

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