The past year may have been traumatic for many, but workplace leaders are also quickly learning that the era of post-COVID human capital management is not just about preparing for the next crisis, but also about preparing for the next crisis. put psychological well-being at the forefront. management discussions. Employers therefore have a duty to break down old notions of mental health, as well as to treat it as an isolated and individual matter.

“Leaders need to have a willingness to de-stigmatize mental health issues,” said co-author Dr. Diana Hendel. “If we don’t, people will be afraid to admit that they are in trouble. They’ll just move on and move on. It will cause bigger problems on the road. It is not good for the employees or for your business.

An important tip for HR and business leaders is to “talk about the topic of mental health,” they said. “Don’t assume that people ‘just know’ that you care about this issue. They probably don’t. Say the words, “I want you to be mentally and emotionally healthy. Please come see me if you need any help. My door is always open. ‘ And don’t say it just once. Say it, advertise it, write it down and reinforce it over and over again.

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Experts also recommend connecting with people one-on-one “so that you are more likely to be aware of their personal difficulties”. These are stories of employees who will not normally reach the CEO’s office unless leaders are willing to take the time to listen to the plight of their workers.

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