Job seekers consult with employers at a job fair for people with disabilities in Cangzhou, Hebei province, in May 2022. [Photo by FU XINCHUN/FOR CHINA DAILY]

Job opportunities increase for group thanks to government action

Governments at all levels are ready to actively respond to the National Policy for the Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities, which aims to create a more considerate social environment for persons with disabilities and to strengthen the protection of human rights by China.

An action plan released Tuesday by the Anhui government says the province will help 55,500 people with disabilities find jobs over the next three years.

The plan stipulates that government agencies and public enterprises must offer at least one vacant position to people with disabilities.

Trade market operators have been instructed to make 10% of their stalls available to people with disabilities with reduced or discounted rent.

According to the three-year action plan, the provincial government will set up employment support stations to organize flexible work for people with disabilities to help them increase their income. The action plan states that each county or district must have at least two such support stations by 2024.

Other provinces have also launched action plans to promote the employment of people with disabilities.

The Guangdong government said Wednesday that the province will help more than 80,000 people with disabilities find jobs from 2022 to 2024 and provide vocational training for 60,000 people with disabilities during the same period.

In October, the Jiangxi government set a goal to create 25,000 jobs for people with disabilities in the province from 2022 to 2024. About 10,000 people with disabilities will be offered jobs in welfare positions each year during this period.

According to the provincial government, this will encourage people with disabilities to take up flexible jobs or start their own businesses, such as being a live-streaming host or opening online stores, in addition to some regular government-provided supports. Disabled people covered by the nation’s Basic Living Allowance will be granted a three-year extension after finding employment.

The China Disabled Persons’ Federation said the country has made progress in promoting the employment of people with disabilities. He said that as of June 30, about 8.92 million people with disabilities – out of 17.03 million people of working age who are registered – were employed, representing an employment rate of 52.4%.

Yu Gesheng, a member of the Standing Committee of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, said the country still faces challenges to further facilitate the employment of people with disabilities, including misguided policies and a lack of financial support.

He encouraged government agencies and businesses to make more vacancies available to people with disabilities and address some of the unnecessary restrictions on job interviews. He said it was also important to establish a market-oriented vocational training system for people with disabilities, which focuses on promoting the skills needed for rural revitalization and flexible employment.

He added that the country could introduce a rewards system to encourage more people with disabilities to get jobs or start new businesses. Supportive policies such as tax cuts and strong medical insurance are also needed.

Earlier in March, the State Council, China’s cabinet, released an action plan to promote the employment of people with disabilities, which sets a target to help one million people with disabilities find jobs by 2022. to 2024.

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