The Ministry of Labor reconstituted the expert group tasked with determining the national minimum minimum wage under the Wage Code, replacing the leader of the expert group and adding a few members, just three months after the committee was created.

The idea is to speed up work on minimum wages so that employers, including central and state governments, are prepared well in advance to shell out mandatory minimum wages once the codes are implemented.

A senior government official told ET that the expert group has been reconstituted and will now be led by labor expert SP Mukherjee instead of Ajit Mishra. In addition, Arup Mitra from the Institute for Economic Growth and Rupa Chanda from the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore were added as members of the expert group, as well as a representative from the Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship.

Renowned labor expert and deserving professor at the University of Calcutta, SP Mukherjee had led several labor-related committees and expert groups in the past. He was responsible for publishing the revamped Quarterly Employment Survey, released on Monday. Currently, he heads the committee responsible for compiling data on workers employed by professionals.

The labor code on wages, which was adopted by parliament in August 2019, contains a provision to declare a ‘mandatory national wage floor’, or minimum wage, to which states will have to comply once the wage code is implemented. artwork.

The expert group is expected to examine international best practices in wages and develop scientific criteria and methodology for setting wages in the country. The group was established for a period of three years and will continue to provide technical inputs to the ministry in the future.

The expert group is the second committee formed by the Ministry of Labor after the government did not accept the recommendations of the Anoop Satpathy committee in 2019. The seven-member Satpathy panel had suggested a national minimum wage of Rs 375 per day and a monthly salary of 9,750 rupees. In addition to the monthly salary, the panel had also suggested that a housing allowance of Rs 1,430 be provided to workers in the city.

The 2018-19 economic study had suggested that India should have a nationally mandatory minimum wage to promote social justice and curb distress migration. Industry experts and unions have been calling for a national minimum wage for years that should benefit a significant portion of the workforce.

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