In today’s episode of The Daily Scoop podcast, a new acting director for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

New data from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission shows that the federal workforce leads the civilian workforce in some areas, but lags behind in others. Jeffrey Nealformer head of human capital at the Department of Homeland Security, explains what the data shows.

The Senate will vote this week on a continuing resolution that will keep government open until mid-March. Robert Sheanational managing director of public policy at Grant Thornton and former associate director of the Office of Management and Budget, discusses the impact on government operations six months into the current fiscal year with no approved budget and no budget proposal for the next exercise.

Six new commercial solutions are deployed within the Department of Defense thanks to the Defense Innovation Unit. DIU has now facilitated 35 business solutions across DOD. Director IUD Michael Brown tells Francis what is most meaningful about FY2021.

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