With over 30 years of senior management experience in both therapeutic and service areas, Adrien Otte brings unparalleled expertise and extensive industry contacts to support LVC’s procurement and fulfillment efforts, while also providing strategic advice to our portfolio companies post-close as a proactive board member of administration.

At December 31, 2020, LVC has partnered with KPS Life and founder David Kelly to recapitalize the business and provide growth capital. KPS Life is a Functional Services Provider (“FSP”) that provides functional clinical trial outsourcing services, such as clinical monitoring and clinical oversight, to pharmaceutical companies around the world. Since LVC’s investment, we have supported KPS Life by:

  • Complement the company’s management team and improve the depth of middle management
  • Develop KPS Life operations in Europe with the opening of a Poland Office
  • Introducing the company to many new actionable accounts receivable
  • Research and evaluation of multiple acquisition opportunities for additional modules

Today, LongueVue Capital is looking for investment opportunities in several sub-sectors of the life sciences.

Clinical Services Area

  • $ 10 million or more in income
  • Positive cash flow
  • Geography: United States

Areas of intervention :

  • Site management organizations
  • Site and patient recruitment
  • Health economics and outcomes research
  • Clinical, regulatory, biometric and quality advice
  • Clinical trial packaging
  • CRO
  • Clinical trial technology

KPS extension opportunities

  • $ 5 million or more in income
  • Positive cash flow
  • Geography: United States, Europe, Latin America, and or Asia

Areas of intervention :

  • FSP
  • Clinical monitoring
  • Clinical monitoring
  • Management of clinical trials
  • Data management

To learn more about LongueVue Capital, please visit our website at www.lvcpartners.com or contact Ryan nagimpartner to [email protected], Austin reesvice-president at [email protected], or call 504.293.3600.

About LongueVue Capital

Founded in 2001, LongueVue Capital is a New OrleansPrivate equity firm based on providing human capital, financial capital and a skill set based on 20 years of successful experience of partnering with entrepreneurs and management teams to drive value creation in companies of the middle market. Having managed to overtake $ 500 million With capital spanning three funds and 150 years of combined operating and investing experience, our team is the ideal partner for mid-market companies at inflection points and looking to maximize value.

Our opportunistic investment strategy provides the flexibility to partner with attractive companies in a variety of industries and situations, and we tailor transaction structures to meet company and stakeholder objectives. While we are selective in our investment strategy, we target growth-oriented companies with scalable and sustainable business models and exceptional leadership teams.

Our proactive and hands-on approach allows us to be thoughtful stewards of our portfolio companies and trusted and reliable strategic partners for all stakeholders. Together with our entrepreneurial partners and the management team, we help create superior value for our portfolio companies and investors.

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