Public consolation on Macau’s first trade union bill was launched on Sunday after the government announced the consultation paper on the long-awaited law.

The establishment of genuine unions and a collective bargaining regime is part of the content of the public consultation on Macao’s future trade union law, which will take place between Sunday and mid-December.

The project under consultation includes certain limitations for the professional sectors linked to the exercise of sovereign functions. In addition, the government also questions the full exercise of certain trade union rights for civil servants, medical and nursing staff as well as others.

The Executive also questions the full exercise of this right in sectors such as civil servants, medical and nursing personnel, or others who perform public interest functions. The government therefore intends to create specific rules for these professional groups.

Another proposal in the document concerns the representation of workers in collective bargaining. The government proposes the election of union representatives.

For 45 days and until December 14, the government will collect opinions and suggestions from “different social sectors” on future legislation that fulfills what is enshrined in Article 27 of Macao’s Basic Law.

The consultation document is divided into two parts: the first concerns the “trade union association registration scheme” and covers topics such as the objectives of the trade union association and the principles to be followed, the scope of application of the law, the statutes, as well as the rights and duties. of the trade union association, among others.

The second part refers to the “collective bargaining regime”, with the following content: constitution of representatives, content authorized in negotiation, and effectiveness and consequences of collective bargaining.

During the consultation period, four public sessions will take place, with a limited number of participants due to the epidemic prevention measures in force in the territory.

The Macao government considered that “the conditions are met for, gradually and by specific legislation, to establish the legal status of the trade union association, to define its composition and its functioning, as well as its rights and duties, in order to better ensure and ensure the protection of the rights and interests of workers, ”according to a statement from the director of the Office of Labor Affairs (DSAL).

In April, Economy and Finance Secretary Lei Wai Nong said the public consultation on the trade union law is expected to take place in the fourth quarter.

The official said that the existing working relations in the territory are based on a “good cooperation” between the parties and more than 96% of the “problems are solved by the mediation” of DSAL, considering that “the solutions do not depend only of the launch of the trade union law ”.

Macau’s Legislative Assembly has rejected eight union bills introduced by MPs in recent years

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