New Delhi / Kolkata: India can trade with Bangladesh by rail across the northeast, Union Minister of Home Affairs and Cooperation Amit Shah said on Thursday in a virtual speech at the annual session of the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC).
Shah also called on industries to invest in the northeast and boost development in the region which was experiencing peace and political stability for the first time. He asked investors to verify “for themselves by sending their employees to the northeast” the dynamic business atmosphere, and urged industrialists to join a business summit in Assam in March where he would be present. .
Shah said that there was a time when the northeast struggled with issues such as violence, insurgency, flooding, corruption, blockades and narcotics etc.
“To invest, a region must be peaceful, insurgencies and disputes resolved, and an atmosphere created for political stability and economic development. Narendra Modi’s government has allowed this for the past seven years, ”Shah said.
“I call on ICC and its members to look at the northeast from a different perspective, to understand the changes and to invest,” the interior minister told captains of industry while stressing that the goal of ‘A five trillion dollar economy set by the Prime Minister cannot be achieved without development in the northeast.
Shah said the government has incorporated three “Es” – empathy, empowerment and catalyst – for the development of the northeast and will move forward on those lines. He said the Modi regime would establish peace by understanding with empathy the aspirations of young people; give the governments of the northeast political stability; and be a catalyst in empowering the public.