The country’s national currency weakened by nine kopiykas.

Hryvnia weakens against US dollar on May 27 / REUTERS

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) fixed the official exchange rate for May 27 at 27.55 UAH per US dollar, which weakened the country’s national currency by nine kopiykas.

The official exchange rate against the euro for Thursday is set at 33.68 UAH per euro – the hryvnia has also weakened, having lost two kopiykas in value since Wednesday, according to the NBU website.

Official exchange rate

The central bank has set the following official exchange rates for the hryvnia against major foreign currencies for May 27:

  • 100 USD will be listed at 2,754.61 UAH (2,745.53 UAH as of May 26);
  • 100 EUR will be listed at 3,367.65 UAH (3,366.43 UAH as of May 26).

The hryvnia bought and sold by exchange booths in Kiev on Thursday morning, May 27, weakened by three kopiykas against the US dollar, to 27.60 UAH per dollar.

The Ukrainian currency has weakened against the euro – by 10 kopiykas, to 33.80 UAH per euro, a UNIAN correspondent reported.

On average, the US dollar is sold for 27.43 UAH, while the euro is sold for 33.42 UAH.

Interbank rate

At 4:00 p.m. Kyiv time on May 26, quotes for the hryvnia against the dollar on the interbank foreign exchange market were 27.40 / 27.60 UAH per dollar, while those against the euro were 33.40 / 33.75 UAH.

May 26 Forex rate

The National Bank set the official exchange rate for May 26 at UAH 27.46 per US dollar, which weakened the country’s national currency by three kopiykas.


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