Major tasks

Provides centralized on-site human capital management for Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) Unrestricted Funds (NAF) Human Resource Management System (HRMS). Performs work independently and takes responsibility for planning, directing, implementing and maintaining complete HRMS personnel and payroll records. Evaluates processes and resolves issues that require engagement with resources outside of the HRMS help desk function at headquarters and in the field. Recognizes, defines and develops solutions and makes recommendations to resolve problems or issues that are new or unprecedented, and to meet short-term demands related to HRMS and long-term strategic plans of the organization.

Serve as an advisor to Field Commands on operational HRMS issues not covered by established policies or practices. Plans, organizes work and manages internal procedures and resources to ensure maximum productivity. Advise in the development of HRIS, centralized payroll and system related business requirements, process recommendations and functional specifications for product requirements with an understanding of all customizations and functional areas within HRIS. Writes change requests, business processes, standard operating procedures and guidelines, and assessment statements. Plans and leads system maintenance and review initiatives for the organizations served and prepares audit reports.

Ensures centralized HRMS and Payroll / Time & Labor functions are handled accurately and efficiently. Ensures all business operational needs are met, all required records are kept and all laws and regulations are followed. Ensures PeopleSoft payroll data is processed and tax reporting forms are completed and submitted. Reviews payroll policies and procedures to ensure they are appropriate and accurate. Provides analysis of payroll reports, statements and other advice.

Provides advice to managers on the results of the analysis of centralized HRMS operations with respect to other aspects of operations and controversial issues. Attends and can lead meetings, briefs and presentations to formulate new procedures, meet regulatory requirements and exchange information on the status of operations. Recommends actions when systems and HRMS analysis shows opportunities, unfavorable trends or deviations from plans. Coordinates the development and administration of HRMS and payroll policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with internal and external regulations.

Uses personal computer, PeopleSoft software and programs to enter data, complete forms, correct errors and omissions in HR files as required. Provides assistance support to field activity users and internal users / team members. Participates in the “train the trainer” approach of knowledge transfer from HRMS to PeopleSoft users of the MCCS activity. Provides on-site training to users in the field. Performs system and application tests and verifies test results to ensure proper functioning. Manages security administration and administrators for configuring and processing users through the PeopleSoft security, service, and security trees.

Responsible for HRMS queries and reports, including building and running moderate to complex query reports, interpreting and analyzing the results of data collected from queries, and developing and presenting comprehensive data summaries as needed . Make recommendations to HRMS management and team members to improve business processes, eliminate manual processing, ensure data accuracy, and improve reporting methods and system efficiency.

Review requests for HRMS functionality. Assists in the design, implementation and maintenance of the PeopleSoft system and required personnel databases. Applies a standardized body of functional knowledge in HR, benefits, payroll, reports, rules, procedures and operations sufficient to carry out HRMS support missions for all areas of HR including staffing, recruiting, employee relations, workforce management, benefits, payroll and TEE. Develops Marine Corps wide application policies in the area of ​​PeopleSoft HRMS. Maintains knowledge of public and private sector practices and procedures to ensure industry best practices are incorporated into HRMS. Interpret new directives on HRMS policies and procedures and write additional directives. Develops system and process guidance material for promulgation in the field. Develop training and information documents.

Develops standards for the HRMS quality assurance program. Develop new standards for production and design, with improvements as needed. Creates modules, SOPs, checklists, schedules and test protocols for implementation, including test scripts. Interpret, rely on and ensure compliance with documented HRMS quality assurance standards. Identifies training needs and provides training and / or training advice on basic systems, policies, procedures and processes.


Bachelor’s degree in human resources or a related field appropriate to the work of the position AND three years of experience in the profession, or in a related field or field of work, OR an appropriate combination of education and experience that demonstrates possession of knowledge and skills equivalent to who has acquired the above, OR appropriate experience which demonstrates that the candidate has acquired the knowledge, skills and abilities equivalent to those acquired in the above.

Specialized experience in PeopleSoft HRMS which provides in-depth knowledge of laws, policies, regulations and procedures related to Civilian Unrestricted Fund (NAF) personnel and financial management. Experience configuring, testing and maintaining the PeopleSoft HRMS system as part of a live implementation throughout the lifecycle of a project including: Application Fundamentals, SETID , basic configuration tables, trees, user security configuration tables for HR, benefits, payroll, training and development, recruiting, updates and functional tests, updates and component maintenance, troubleshooting and fiscal tests. Experience working with PeopleSoft in an HR / HRMS and QA specialist role. Proficiency and ability to develop and analyze HRIS and personnel related business processes including developing and executing moderate to complex queries and SQL reports from PeopleSoft HRIS. Demonstrated understanding of functional requirements and integration between PeopleSoft HRMS HR, Benefits, Time & Labor and Payroll modules, as well as functional policy areas and Field Command / HQ requirements. Knowledge of quality assurance terminology, auditing, methods and tools. Ability to identify and analyze and provide recommended solutions to HRMS quality assurance (QA) issues. Demonstrated knowledge of testing best practices and version control practices. Demonstrated experience in identifying, recommending and implementing system and process performance improvements. Ability to track system input and assistance provided in reporting. Knowledge of laws and regulations that reflect an understanding of Military Community Services and Marine Corps organizations, missions and programs. Excellent problem solving and analytical skills. Ability to deal with senior officials in HQ components and field activities; Knowledge of and ability to apply personnel, finance, quality assurance and generally accepted HRMS principles, theories, practices, methods and techniques in a complex business environment. Knowledge of the design practices and limitations of automated HRMS systems. Ability to use computers, electronic communications and spreadsheet analysis; analyze the human resources management system, or modify and adapt conventional personnel and financial analysis techniques and procedures to develop and implement a variety of HRMS requirements; Missions, functions, applicable regulations of the NAF and their relationship with other federal activities and private industry to determine the impact of staff financial transactions on internal and external operations. Knowledge and skills to perform audits and review procedures sufficient to review internal controls Skills to: communicate orally and in writing sufficient to prepare procedural instructions for all users, reports and advice and provide information on controversial or complex topics; establish and maintain effective relationships and collaborate effectively with all levels of management within the federal and / or private sectors; resolve complex or controversial issues or problems and provide advice and assistance on similarly difficult issues.

Eligible for progressive telework as determined by the MR / MF policy.

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