The Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) has developed playbooks to help SMEs in Singapore achieve digital and business transformation.

The pandemic has accelerated technology adoption and the need to design work for better efficiency, growth and business continuity.

Mayank Parekh, CEO of IHRP, said, “Going forward, we will continue to face change and uncertainty in the workplace. Employees now expect greater flexibility in where and how work is done. Companies must not only embrace this new reality, but see it as an opportunity to co-opt new sources of skills, improve productivity and ultimately build a more sustainable business through people.

IHRP has developed a series of handbooks specifically designed to assist business leaders and human resource (HR) practitioners, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in their implementation of the last mile of transformation. digital and work.

Each playbook comes with a curated set of how-to resources, tools, and templates, plus case studies shared by local businesses. Content is presented in simple, business-friendly language, accompanied by illustrations of how HR practices (“plays”) can help address key business challenges.

Co-developed with a team of HR practitioners, the Work Transformation Playbook recommends five human capital (HC) games: Strategize, Plan, Align, Implement and Integrate. Each of the HC game packs includes a step-by-step guide, toolkits, and case studies to illustrate strategies.

For example, the “Align” package highlights how companies can deploy change management for a more effective transformation outcome. One of the featured case studies explains how a manufacturing company planned and implemented its communication strategy to better address employee concerns in the face of change and uncertainty.

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In her case study sharing video, Lilian Tan, IHRP-MP and Chief Human Capital Officer of SATS, said, “As we navigate the pandemic together as a company, essentially everything, including systems and processes, can and will change. To stay relevant and stay ahead of the competition, employees need to stay resilient. Sometimes employees can be reluctant for different reasons, but that’s only natural because people tend to resist change. My team manages this by working through different groups such as our unions which help galvanize the field.”

Click here for more details on the Work Transformation Playbook and email IHRP at [email protected] if you would like to participate in the Playbook workshops to learn how SME owners and HR managers can apply the resources, tools and templates.

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