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The new iPhone 14 was finally announced by Apple last week and is expected to hit stores later this week. In terms of handsets, the latest iteration of Apple’s smartphone series includes the standard model, new Plus, Pro and Pro Max.

If you’re someone who always needs the latest tech or are looking for an upgrade because your iPhone 11 just isn’t what it used to be, we’ve rounded up all the cheapest plans available for you. each iPhone 14 mockup.

The cheapest iPhone 14 deals in Australia

All in all it looks like Vodafone offers the cheapest price for every handset, with the iPhone 14 (128GB) starting at $98.29/month over 24 months, with a monthly data allowance of 40 GB.

If you’re trading in an older smartphone, Vodafone will give you trade-in credit plus an additional $150 bonus credit. You can check the amount of credit you will receive for trading in eligible devices here.

will also has a similar trade-in offer and will give you up to $1,000 in credit when you trade from an eligible phone. You can check Telstra trade-in values ​​here.

Cheapest 24-month iPhone 14 (128GB) plans

Cheapest 24-month iPhone 14 Plus (128GB) plans

Cheapest 24-month iPhone 14 Pro (128GB) plans

Cheapest 24-month iPhone 14 Pro Max (128GB) plans

iPhone 14 price and release date

Image: Apple/Gizmodo Australia

If you’re someone who prefers to buy their new phones or want to compare the full retail price to the minimum cost of the plans above, here’s the starting price for each iPhone 14 model:

  • iPhone 14 (128 GB): $1,399
  • iPhone 14 Plus (128 GB): $1,579
  • iPhone 14 Pro (128 GB): $1,749
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max (128 GB): $1,899

All versions of the iPhone 14 will be available from Friday, September 16 – except for the Plus, which won’t be in stores until Friday, October 7.

If you’re not looking for a new phone plan, you can pre-order the iPhone directly through Apple here, or through retailers like Amazon Australia.

More iPhone 14 pre-order plans

You can find the full roundup of Gizmodo Australia’s iPhone 14 pre-order plans here: