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“Red pill” is a term that comes from the film The matrix. The hero has a choice between the blue pill and the red pill, and if he takes the blue pill, life will return to normal, and if he takes the red pill, he will see the world for what it is, a hideous one. dystopia.

The idea has had a strange afterlife, starting with the pickup artists who conceive of red-pilling as the idea that, if you understand how women supposedly think, then you will be able to manipulate them and you will. will be able to score. Men’s rights activists began to use it as a term for a conversion into the worldview, especially a conversion against feminism. And finally, you started to see people on the forums talking about being “red stung on the JQ,” the Jewish question, which means believing the Holocaust was a lie.

The cover of red pill, by Hari Kunzru.

The notion that interests me is that of a screen reality and a real reality. I think this is a common training for people of all kinds of political beliefs. The idea that the world is an illusion and that beneath the surface lies some sort of deeper truth is a very deeply ingrained notion for radicals of all kinds who attempt to break an established framework for seeing the world.

I wanted to play with the idea of ​​a complete break and a transformation of perspective. So I decided to create a fairly typical Brooklyn writer character whose frame of reference is broadly acceptable. New York Times opinion page version of the world, and make him meet an outside to that. First, this encounter with the outside world takes the form of anxiety that its hypotheses do not correspond to reality. And then he has a much more direct confrontation with a cultural figure who is a propagandist of far-right opinions.

The writer assumes he can dismiss that number out of hand, but realizes he doesn’t have as much ammo as he thought. This failure to provide answers precipitates a deeper collapse of perspective alongside a mental collapse.

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