European leader in instant on-demand delivery, Gorillas chose Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) to digitally transform its human capital management. Implementing Workday Human Capital Management will provide Gorillas with seamless HR processes and analytical capabilities to create an improved employee experience.

In less than two years, Gorillas has grown from zero to over 14,000 employees, operating in nine countries across Europe and the United States. After this period of hyper-growth, the company is now pursuing a sustainable growth strategy, focusing on building a scalable business to support existing operations. This includes a major focus on people, professionalization and the development of HR infrastructure.

To do this, Gorillas was looking for a technology partner who could provide a solution to better engage its rapidly growing workforce digitally, create a simplified employee experience, expand capacity and improve collaboration on a global scale.

With the implementation of Workday HCM, Gorillas found the perfect solution to support its ambition to elevate the company’s human resource management strategy to a new level. Workday HCM will enhance the Gorillas HR experience with an easy-to-use system that empowers employees to access relevant information and complete tasks anytime, anywhere. Additionally, managers will have a better understanding of talent management and workforce planning.

With Workday HCM, Gorillas will be able to:

  • Optimize the employee experience. Workday’s platform gives Gorillas more flexibility to identify and meet the needs of its employees, increasing their engagement and sense of belonging to a digital company.
  • Automation of processes. Workday HCM will enable Gorillas to streamline workflows and focus employee attention on more essential tasks.
  • Global Transparency. Workday’s platform creates better operational visibility and better performance for the company’s 14,000 employees.

“Workday will play an important role in enabling the next phases of growth for Gorillas. This will be a key part of our overall HR strategy, enabling us to improve our talent experience, provide more transparency, streamline processes and access real-time data. With the new platform, we will be able to further strengthen our core HR infrastructure, better interact digitally with our workforce, and deliver a better employee experience,” said Deena Fox, Global Chief People Officer, Gorillas.

“The pandemic has clearly shown how important it is for companies to be guided by their values ​​and to seek dialogue with their employees. Employee engagement is now an important pillar of a company’s long-term success,” added Laurent Homeyer, Retail and Hospitality Industry Advisor EMEA and APJ, Workday. “By providing its employees with a technology platform through which they can collaborate and share, develop their skills and integrate their needs into work processes, Gorillas will be able to engage them as a major force for the growth of the company and continue to write the story of success. By choosing Workday Human Capital Management, Gorillas continues its sustainable trajectory of growth and greater value creation.

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