Garment workers seek government help to secure DA contributions

The DA has been revised for 2020-21 according to the consumer price index points

Representative image.  Credit: DH File Photo / BH Shivakumar

Garment factory workers have not received a revised cost allowance (DA) for 19 months, with industries citing a government order that was suspended by the High Court to deny them legitimate dues.

The DA has been revised for 2020-2021 according to the consumer price index points. However, the Garment and Textile Factory Workers Union (Gatwu) said the state government issued an order in July last year postponing the revised DA following a request from management. clothing factories.

The government’s order, however, was stayed by the High Court in September 2020 after unions challenged it. “Despite the suspension order, the management did not pay the workers the revised amount and owe Rs 7,098 in arrears to each of the 4.2 lakhs,” said Jayaram KR of Gatwu.

The union called on the government to take immediate action to impose the payment of AD on all workers.

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