The world is in the midst of rising food prices that hit the poor the hardest. Even before COVID-19, chronic and acute hunger was on the rise due to several factors including conflict, socio-economic conditions and climate change. Disruptions caused by the war in Ukraine have compounded price pressures, with costs likely to remain high for the foreseeable future, plunging millions of people into acute food insecurity with costly implications for human capital.

What targeted social protection measures can be taken to mitigate the impact of rising food and other commodity prices on poor households, while addressing bottlenecks in the food supply chain and fertilizers and trade restrictions? How can governments, private companies and partners work to ensure more sustainable and nutritious food systems in the face of rising climate risks, conflicts and economic risks? This event will highlight key findings from the closed-door Human Capital Ministerial Conclave, with a focus on how countries can invest in social protection, productive inclusion and nutrition-sensitive policies not only to avoid human capital setbacks, but also to strengthen these critical outcomes for long-term growth and productivity.


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