The government has set a minimum monthly wage with an annual increase of 5.0 percent for workers in the country’s security services sector.

It is for the first time that the Ministry of Labor and Employment announces such wages by publishing a notification in the gazette on June 06, more than two years after the formation of the wages council in February 2018.

According to the gazette, a fourth-year security guard in municipal and municipal divisional areas will receive 9,140 TK as a minimum monthly salary compared to TK 9,800 if he lives in the district and other areas.

The government also incorporated for the first time a provision for a 5.0 percent annual increase in base salary.

The government has classified workers and employees in the security services sector into four categories.

The government has set 50 percent of the base rent as housing for workers located in the division towns and corporate areas of the city, while 40 percent of the rent for housing for the district and other cities .

The basic payment for a fourth year security guard has been set at Tk 5,600. A medical allowance of 100 Tk for all categories of workers has been fixed, while 400 Tk and 300 Tk have been fixed as transport allowances for the areas of the division and the city, and the district and others zones respectively.

An apprentice would receive a total of Tk 7,000 as a monthly salary. A worker’s apprenticeship period would be three months and an additional three months could be extended if his performance is unsatisfactory.

The minimum monthly wage for a first-class worker has been set at Tk 14,000 and Tk 13,060 for the division and city areas, the district and other areas respectively with Tk 8,000 as the base salary. A first-class employee in the enterprise areas of the division and city and in the district and other areas will respectively receive 14,150 and 13,200 Tk as the minimum monthly wage with 8,500 Tk as the base salary. The other indemnities would be the same as for other workers.

According to industry insiders, some 500 security service providers in the country create jobs for around 0.35 to 0.4 million people.

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