The dollar is sold by exchange houses at Tk 96.60 to Tk 97 in the curbside market while it is bought at a rate of Tk 96 to Tk 96.50 today.

The rate was the same in the curbside market as it was on Thursday.

It could take some time for the market to stabilize after the recent turmoil, businessmen at several currency exchange offices in the capital‘s Motijheel and Paltan said on Sunday.

Ali Akbar of the Sugandha Money Exchange in Motijheel said that due to the shortage of dollars in the market, buying and selling of dollars has been very weak.

On the other hand, the country’s banks officially sell dollars to Tk92 for opening import letters of credit (LC).

However, the unofficial price for the dollar is Tk93-94, Treasury Department officials from several banks have informed.

The head of the treasury department of a private bank told TBS that they had to buy dollars on currency exchanges in the range of 92.50 to 93 Tk.

“So even though the official LC rate is Tk92, we are forced to open an LC at Tk93 at 94,” he added.

The LCs opened at 91.50 Tk on the last business day last Thursday.

In addition, in case of export, the dollar price was set at 91 Tk. Banks reported that for remittances the rate was Tk 92.50 per dollar on Sunday.

Dollar transactions in the international market are generally very low on Sundays. That’s a tenth of what it is on a normal day, said a treasury department official at another private bank.

So even if the dollar rate goes up a bit on Sunday, it won’t have much effect. The market needs to be watched for at least three or four more days, he added.