(The Center Square) – California is expected to receive around $ 45.5 billion from the massive infrastructure bill passed by Congress last week, an investment that state officials say will help create jobs and improving infrastructure.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure investment and jobs act on Friday evening, spending $ 550 billion in new federal investments (coupled with previously approved funds) to improve the country’s infrastructure over the next five years.

As the bill passes, states across the country are receiving billions to modernize transportation systems, advance broadband, improve water infrastructure, and upgrade roads and bridges.

California receives the largest share of the $ 1.2 trillion investment, with some of the funding going towards upgrades, repairs and expansions of critical infrastructure. The breakdown of the $ 45.5 billion is about $ 1,100 per Californian, which is one of the lowest of any state, according to CNBC.

As part of the spending plan, California expects to receive over five years:

  • $ 25.3 billion for federal assistance programs allocated to highways and $ 4.2 billion for bridge replacement and repair
  • $ 9.45 billion to improve public transportation
  • $ 384 million to expand the electric vehicle charging network
  • At least $ 100 million to expand broadband coverage
  • $ 84 million to protect against forest fires
  • $ 40 million to protect against cyber attacks
  • $ 3.5 billion to improve hydraulic infrastructure
  • $ 1.5 billion for airport infrastructure development

In a statement, the White House said “the need for action in California is clear,” particularly after a 2019 report by the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the state a C- rating on its infrastructure newsletter.

“The historic Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will improve the lives of millions of California residents, create a generation of well-paying union jobs and economic growth, and position the United States to win the 21st century,” the White House said.

Gov. Gavin Newsom addressed infrastructure investment during an appearance at the California Economic Summit on Tuesday, saying that although it is an “unprecedented investment,” the state continues to allocate funds. additional funds for infrastructure development.

As part of the governor’s plan to return to California, approximately $ 100 billion is being invested in state infrastructure, which will be supported by additional funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Under the plan, $ 2 billion is allocated for forest fires and emergency preparedness, $ 3.9 billion is spent on zero-emission vehicle targets, $ 5.2 billion in three years to drought response and water resilience and $ 6 billion has been allocated for broadband expansion.

“Mad with respect for the federal government, there is still no substitute for your state,” Newsom said Tuesday. “Our public investments are deep and must be sustained in terms of importance, and we cannot just look to Washington DC to solve all of these problems. But nonetheless, we are at a point of real abundance across the spectrum, our ability to invest unprecedented amounts of money in infrastructure and in human capital. “

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