The Bellevue School Board has adopted the ideal profile of the next superintendent as presented by Human Capital Enterprises, the recruiting firm hired by the Board, in a unanimous 5-0 vote at their regular meeting on September 22, 2023. The Ideal Profile of the Next Superintendent summarizes feedback from seven hundred and fifty-two (752) people gathered through Board listening sessions, stakeholder focus groups and an online community survey. This document will serve as the criteria for recruiting and selecting the next Superintendent of Schools.

Additionally, HCE prepared a summary of what was learned throughout the stakeholder engagement process, highlighting district and community strengths and challenges or opportunities for the future.

Nine district and community strengths are identified in the report:

  1. A long tradition of academic excellence
  2. The precious diversity of Bellevue and its place of honor in its schools
  3. Exceptional offers and exciting programming
  4. Commitment to social-emotional learning and mental health
  5. Highly valued staff committed to Bellevue and a workplace that supports them
  6. Very supportive parents and business community
  7. Enviable facilities
  8. student voice
  9. Exceptional access to technology

Several challenges or opportunities for the future were also identified, including:

  1. Declining enrollment and budget impacts
  2. Workforce Diversification
  3. Leadership turnover and leadership fatigue

The search for the next Bellevue School District superintendent is entering the recruiting phase, as noted in this third update and noted on the timeline.

An Opportunity: Stakeholder Interview Panels

You are asked to consider participating in the selection phase, as the Board of Trustees will convene multiple stakeholder panels (students, staff, community) to assist in the selection and interview of superintendent candidates. Interviews are tentatively scheduled for January 2023. Further information will be provided in November 2022 on how to express your interest in serving as a panelist.