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BitANT and BitBTC were part of the official OP token list, which only lists 20 tokens

New York, New York – (Newsfile Corp. – December 25, 2021) – BitANT, a governance token deployed by BitBTC DAO, is due to launch on Optimism Ethereum. BitANT is the first to introduce the theme of yield farming on Optimism. It ranks seventh on optimism in terms of total locked-in value, estimated at around 2.8 million. The annual percentage return or APY for BitANT-ETH has increased by more than 120%, BitBTC DAO representatives said at a recent press conference.

As the price of Bitcoin is too high and the transfer takes time, the current design of BTC is not considered suitable for making micropayments, the BitBTC protocol was developed by BitBTC DAO. Representatives said that BTC cannot easily participate in DeFi across the chain, and mining BTC consumes a considerable amount of electricity, which is not environmentally friendly. To solve some of these challenges posed by BTC, BitBTC protocol was designed as a solution to split BTC into BitBTC. 1BTC is equivalent to 1 million BitBTC, representatives informed press.

BitBTC protocol

“Our goal behind BitBTC’s proposal was to make BTC payments faster, cheaper and more energy efficient, and ultimately to achieve a near-zero cost of global BTC micropayments, and to turn BitBTC into a decentralized digital dollar. In addition, we have been listed on Optimism app website“said Robert, a representative of BitBTC DAO.

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To date, 10 billion BitANT has been minted at genesis and the team does not own any tokens. All tokens are distributed to the community, which includes 80% cash stuck on UNISWAP V2 for eight years, 15% community airdrops, and 5% community mining.

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“All exchange fees between BTC and BitBTC are used to redeem and burn BitANT. BitANT is a BitBTC protocol governance token that fully adheres to the DAO philosophy. BitANT is small but powerful,” added Robert.

One of the features of BitBTC is that there is no permanent loss in the WBTC-BitBTC pool because the exchange rate between BTC and BitBTC is fixed. Anyone can trade the two at a fixed exchange rate at any time.

“Our vision for BitBTC is clear – we will promote BitBTC as the basic unit in an exchange trading pair, and we will continue to promote BitBTC to continue its implementation in both online and offline application scenarios. In addition to this, we will support the development of projects such as NFT, GameFi, Metaverse, Exchange and DeFi website payment projects worldwide. We will expand the use of BitBTC in consumer goods purchases daily newspapers and promote the use of BitBTC in international cross-border payment. BitBTC has been listed on the official list of Optimism Ethereum tokens, “noted company representative Robert.

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BitBTC DAO is the world’s largest DAO-led treasury partnering with leading protocols to build the future of finance.

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