Written by Dave Nyczepir

Representative Gerry Connolly, D-Va., Introduced legislation that would reaffirm the role of the Office of Personnel Management as the lead agency for federal civilian human resource systems and direct it to use IT and predictive analysis for innovative workforce management.

The OPM Strengthening Act would require the agency to provide others with effective access to human capital data and systems and establish a risk-based and data-driven monitoring program to, in part, ensure a diverse workforce.

The National Defense Authorization Act 2020 called on the National Academy of Public Administration to study the functions of the OPM and recommend ways for the agency to improve hiring processes, training and retirement, which Connolly’s Bill takes into account.

“If we don’t get the right IT right, we can’t rebuild OPM into the efficient agency our constituents demand,” Connolly told FedScoop. “Our bipartisan legislation will ensure that data and analysis, not politics, will guide decision-making.”

The bill is also a response to the Trump administration’s efforts to eliminate the OPM by rebuilding and modernizing it, according to Connolly.

Not only would this require that the director of the OPM be chosen regardless of political affiliation and have expertise in human capital, but it would make the director general a career civil servant for stability during presidential transitions. Among other things, the CMO would oversee IT management operations.

The bill would give the director of the OPM 90 days to establish the Human Capital Management Advisory Committee to recommend strategies to make the government an “employer of choice”, recruit and retain qualified employees and diversify the workforce. -work. The committee would be made up of 15 members from all sectors, meet at least twice a year and publish an annual report.

Representatives Carolyn Maloney, DN.Y., and Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Penn., Co-sponsored the bill, which was approved by the National Treasury Employees Union, National Federation of Federal Employees; International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers; National Association of Active and Retired Federal Employees and Public Service Partnership.

Most of Connolly’s efforts to improve agency IT remain outside the bill and largely consist of increasing the Technology Modernization Fund and regular briefings with the Federal CIO, according to a spokesperson.

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