Press release

Bangalore, April 24: On April 23, at its central campus in Anekal, Bangalore, Alliance University concluded its annual HR Conclave which brought together an array of HR thought leaders from all verticals who shared their views on the future of HR and employee well-being.

The conclave began with a keynote address by Dr Sumit Mitra, CEO of Tesco Business Services and Tesco Bengaluru, who emphasized that HR as a business function should focus on growth, well-being, purpose, diversity and inclusion for human capital. He also brought analogies from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata on how the perspectives of managing people, teams and strategies have remained similar over the years. Dr. Mitra emphasized the need for organizations to have state-of-the-art and highly effective resources to understand the nerves of employee behavior and address their challenges to navigate through this growing wave of attrition.

In his keynote address, Abhay G. Chebbi, Pro-Chancellor, Alliance University, highlighted the role of human resources as a strategic enabler in business transformation while explaining how AI-based applications have made inroads in several HR practices. He also reiterated how “people” as unique differentiators add much-needed competitive advantage to organizations and how employee well-being is critical to organizational profitability, sustenance and growth. Abhay also highlighted how educational institutions and businesses must work together to create pathways for future generations to become values-based leaders, guiding and creating organizational success, and called on HR leaders to collaborate. with academia to make this possible.

Dr. Anubha Singh, Vice Chancellor of Alliance University, has inspired nearly 175 HR futurists including Founders, CEOs, CHROs, CLOs, CPOs and VPs of Talent Transformation and envisioned designing the future of human resources and the need for HR futurists. While appreciating the HR function within organizations adapting to technological advancements, Dr. Anubha Singh highlighted how companies are evolving to add value in people management by creating the HR roles of the future. Presenting a holistic view of employee well-being, Dr Anubha said the future of HR is to focus on creating an agile organization and an ecosystem that places skill evolution and the right balance of the man-machine partnership at center stage. .

The inaugural ceremony continued with round tables; the first was on AI – The Future of HR Eminent Speakers Dr. Debolina Dutta, Professor of Practice-OB HRM, IIM Bengaluru;r. Satheesh KV, Co-Founder and COO, Spottabl; Kriti Gutt, Country HR, Hewlett Packard Enterprises; Sonila Deshpande, Global Head – Total Reward, UPL participated in a discussion moderated by Dr. Ray Titus, Professor and Startup Mentor at the Alliance School of Business. The discussion started with the speakers who explained how AI is assisting its widespread implementation in all sectors and how its integration would change HR practices. The panel also deliberated on how to address existing challenges before the implementation of AI in the HR sector. A trained workforce would be the need of the hour when AI is witnessing its advent.

HR Analytics Roundtable 2 – Leveraging Analytics for Future-Ready HR Practices featured speakers such as Nandini Sarkar, Global Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Leader-India, Boeing India; Satish Rajarathnam, Senior Vice President – HR, Mphasis; Asha Subramanian, CHRO, Subex; Anurag Gupta, Head of People Analytics, Flipkart. The panel was moderated by Dr. Vivekanand, Doctoral Program Director, Alliance School of Business. The topic led the panelists to discuss how analytics has become a decision factor in almost every aspect of life and has a big impact on HR practices as data is well used and interpreted.

The third and final Conclave roundtable topic was Employee Wellbeing – The Journey from Wellbeing to Organizational Excellence. The panel moderator, Dr. Jaya Ganesan – Area Chairperson, HRM, Alliance School of Business, opened a discussion with prominent panelists, Ektaa Sibal, National Welfare Advisor, Shipping Corporation of India, Ministry of the Navy, Government of India; Lt. Sandhya Suri, CHRO, Tesla Power USA Inc., Sai Suryanarayana M, Director of Human Resources and Facilities Manager, Fincare Small Finance Bank; Sreejith Krishnan, Learning and Development Manager, Sony India Software India. The subject has been the subject of much discussion since the start of the pandemic. As the world became confined to four walls and homes were converted into offices, employee wellbeing has become a challenge for organizations and will remain a very important aspect in keeping attrition under control.

Overall, Alliance HR Conclave 2022 ended on a promising note of merging technology for the future of HR and the well-being of human capital in organizations. Leaders from industry and academia as well as attendees derived immense value from the event and are optimistic about the future of these events.