Australian-born human capital management (HCM) consultancy firm Smart WFM has expanded to the United States as part of an international growth strategy targeting several new markets around the world.

The expansion follows consistent year-over-year growth for the company, achieving a 67% increase in revenue and tripling both its team and client base in the past three years. Smart WFM is a UKG service partner and works with a range of public sector, global and top rated companies, including leading healthcare and retail organizations.

CEO Jarrod McGrath – who left his former Presence of IT company (later sold to Deloitte) in 2016 – founded the company after seeing the need to deliver services in a modern way. He told that the United States is leading the pack in modern people innovation and leverages almost every aspect of workforce management in a “stream. unique ”, especially in the retail and healthcare industries.

“In the United States, for example, productivity is very high, especially in the retail industry,” McGrath said. “We can leverage the information that drives this productivity in other markets like Australia. He says the evolution is a perfect fit for Smart WFM, with US companies having a better overall understanding of the full employee experience and connecting people, processes and technology – a central focus for the board.

The company wants to leverage the shared connection to bring new skills into the US market and from the US market to other priority regions including India, Southeast Asia and Australia. India is another key part of the expansion, and McGrath says activating “follow the sun” support in that region will be attractive to US customers.

At the heart of the expansion is unleashing people’s passions and developing skills relevant to today’s organizations, as well as improving productivity in the local and global economy, according to McGrath. He believes the company’s ability to fund itself, maintain unique ownership, and stay true to its unique, people-centered approach to HCM consulting has fueled its growth.

“Smart WFM just doesn’t have the constraints of growing profit and loss like other consulting firms do. he said. “This sidelined competing and external interests from the development of the company and allowed us to maintain our people-centered approach to consulting while providing clients with modern and sustainable operating models.

“Traditional consulting firms, including the Big Five tech companies and the big tech companies, are failing to break out of the ‘knowledge worker bubble’ in which they operate. provide services focused on innovation of modern people.

Pete brabenec

Pete Brabenec heads the US expansion, joining the company after working for Accenture-owned Workforce Insight, where he served as vice president of services. He was previously corporate vice president of HCM in the US division of Presence of IT – which was acquired by Workforce Insight – and spent twelve years in various manufacturing consulting roles at Kronos (now UKG).

He will use his more than 20 years of workforce management experience to help establish Smart WFM, initially focusing on customers in the manufacturing, healthcare, retail sectors. and government. “Smart WFM has a unique vision and ability to put the workforce at the center of workforce management,” said Brabenec.

“This should of course be the de facto norm, but the far-reaching issues we’re seeing across the industry – including underpayment, a lack of digitization and digitization buy-in, and the disconnect between people, processes and technology – tell a different story. Smart WFM solves workforce challenges and creates opportunities like no other, and as businesses adapt to a hybrid workforce, now is the perfect time to join the Smart WFM journey. .

Brabenec will be part of the new global management team the company has established following its recent expansion, which also saw Rob Scott promoted to COO.