The Andhra Pradesh cabinet on Wednesday approved another populist program called YSR Asara, under which an outstanding loan of over 27,000 crore rupees belonging to women’s support groups (SHG) would be canceled in four installments .

Informing reporters after the cabinet meeting, Information and Public Relations Minister Perni Venkataramaiah said the YSR Asara Program, which aims to empower women and improve their financial stability, would benefit 9.33 lakh women’s groups belonging to the DWCRA (Development of women and children in rural areas).

“The government would clear their outstanding loan from the banks to the tune of Rs 27,169 crore in four installments. In 2020-2021, an amount of Rs 6,792 crore would be spent on the YSR Asara program, ”said Venkataramaiah.

The firm has also decided to launch YSR Sampoorna Poshana Program from September 1. The program aims to provide a complete nutritional regime for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children. “An amount of Rs 1,863 crore has been allocated in the 2020-21 budget,” he said.

Likewise, he approved the launch of YSR Vidya Kanuka Program September 5, at an expense of Rs 648 crore, to provide 43 lakh students with three pairs of uniforms, shoes, a satchel, notebooks and textbooks.

Another program that was approved at the cabinet meeting was the launch of home delivery of quality rice under the public distribution system from December 1. “The state government will spend Rs 480 crore on quality rice and another Rs 296 crore on delivery. No less than 9,260 vehicles would be provided at a cost of Rs 550 crore for unemployed youth in British Columbia, South Carolina, ST and minorities with a 60% subsidy to support deliveries, ”said Venkatramaiah.


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