Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki said his government will continue to prioritize investments in the education sector to sustain the progress already made.

Obaseki gave the assurance while addressing members of the newly elected State Chapter of the Nigeria Teachers Union, who paid him a courtesy call at Government House, Benin City.

The governor, who assured his administration’s commitment to the well-being of teachers, said the government was examining strategies to improve adult education and make schools across the state safer.

He said: “I want us to work together to align our educational policies. There is a whole generation that does not have the privilege, like some of those you teach now, of receiving the kind of quality education that you give to the children in your care. What about adult education?

“Is it possible to bring them back to evening or weekend classes so that we can train them? Given the role of adult education, should we leave them like that? »

On making schools safer, Obaseki said, “Only a good parent and a good teacher will care about the safety of students in schools. These are the issues we are currently concerned about.

“So we’re going to try to do everything we can through our school improvement programs to close as many of our schools and the ones that we can’t close, we won’t just use constables, we’ll include now the vigilantes to help secure schools.

The governor, who noted that his administration had made significant progress in the education sector over the past five years, added, “You can’t imagine how happy I am because when I think back to four , five years old, this is not the kind of welcome I normally had with union members. For me, we have made a lot of progress.

“Today, we understand each other; we are on the same page; we are now partners. We are all striving to achieve the same goals. I’m so glad our conversation today isn’t about paying your retired colleagues’ salary, pension, or vacation pay.

“We streamlined it all; we are now talking about the children in your care. What more can a leader ask for? I now see you as my true partners and therefore will treat you as such.

“The Education Commissioner is organizing a series of workshops to bring us all together to discuss the future of our education. Our priority as a state is education, because it is the foundation on which everything else rests.

“We’re working on things to make sure we start a lot of renovations and improvements to our schools.”

Earlier, NUT State Chairman Bernard Ajobiewe commended the Governor for prompt payment of wages to all civil and public service workers in the state, and called for increased partnership between the government and teachers to ensure the provision of quality education to students in the state.

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