Nguyen: Why this San Francisco 49ers defense has the potential to be historically great (paywall)

“Much of the league uses a version of the Vic Fangio system that instructs defensive linemen to play a more passive, gap-and-a-half technique that helps them account for gaps despite lighter boxes, but the 49ers are a one-spread team, which allows their defensive linemen to fly off the ball. Their defensive line attacks while their linebackers patiently wait for the havoc to unfold, and then those linebackers’ job is to straighten out the defense and close any open holes.

49ers Diary: Javon Kinlaw Explains His Condition; Jimmy G on George Kittle; Trey Lance to Avoid Travel

“It’s tough for guys with families and things like that, I know,” Garoppolo said. “But I don’t know, there’s a part of me that likes it. You can hang out with guys, see another side of guys that you don’t usually see. Guys start to open up a bit when they’re away like that. It will be a good opportunity for us to enjoy it, to have fun dinners together and to go out and see another side of the guys.

49ers-Panthers injury report: Arik Armstead and Javon Kinlaw still not practicing

“Kinlaw is dealing with a ‘surge’ in his surgically repaired knee. He was inactive Monday night against the Los Angeles Rams.

Jimmie Ward one year away from being part of rarefied 49ers company

“[When Kyle and John came]Ward was skeptical of another coaching change, as Shanahan was the Niners’ fourth head coach in as many seasons and general manager Trent Baalke, the man who drafted him, also left…Ward knew that he had no equity with the new Niners. regime, noting that he didn’t think Shanahan or Lynch “believed in many players” who were 2016 survivors. But Ward got at least one meaningful vote of confidence before playing for Shanahan and defensive coordinator Robert Saleh: The Niners took back his fifth-year option, guaranteeing him more than $8.5 million for 2018. While Ward appreciated the gesture – he later cited it as a reason to stay with the Niners for less money than the other teams offered in 2019 and 2020 – it was Saleh and Shanahan’s decision to move him to full-time free safety that resonated the most.

49ers’ Gipson does more than just keep a warm place for Ward

“When you’re 25, you rely more on your God-given ability than on the mental side,” he said. “So when the game slows down 11 years later, you’ve seen pretty much every offense. You’ve seen pretty much everything you need to see. I think that’s why I was able to have a part of the success I had this year.

Branch: 49ers Jaylon Moore set to start after learning of Denver disaster (paywall)

“I try to use all my failures as a chance to learn from them, instead of fighting,” Moore said. “I was able to get that experience and understand what it’s going to be like to come into a game in the midst of chaos and be able to perform. And not be overwhelmed by the situation.

John Lynch: help for coming running backs for the 49ers; Ty Davis-Price nears return

“I think we’re sensing some promising news that Ty Davis-Price will be ready here in the near future,” Lynch shared. “His rehab is going very well. And so we love this collection of talent.

Lombardi: Nick Bosa’s reunion with Baker Mayfield highlights 49ers-Panthers game (paywall)

“I felt [the coverage] a lot,” Bosa said. “You can just tell with a quarterback like Stafford — who’s usually pretty on time with things — when he’s double-clutched and everything, you know he’s a cover product.”

Panthers top Jimmy G trade list ahead of 49ers return

“Nothing, obviously, materialized. But yeah, [the Panthers] were at the top of the list, I would say – one of the best couples.

Steve Young reveals what sets Deebo Samuel apart from former 49ers greats

“And Jerry had the ability to make people miss. And he had really deceptive speed and an ability to stop and start, so people had a hard time knocking him down… Deebo has a lot of the same qualities, but if you ever meet Deebo, he’s got the body, the torso of— I’m going to exaggerate, but an offensive lineman. It’s thick! Like, it’s thick and strong.