Roblox has come a long way in its fifteen year history, becoming one of the most well-known online games. He broadened his horizons far and wide, increasing opportunities and community while remaining completely free to play.

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In Robloxgrowth, its players have seen major changes and updates occur to the platform over time. Some features that veteran gamers once knew have slowly faded away, while new developments and changes have taken their place. Maybe their constant evolutions are the reason why it remains an exciting experience for new and old players alike.


More tickets

roblox tix with the dates it was added and deleted

Roblox started with an alternative currency to Robux called Tickets or Tix. They allowed players who didn’t have a premium membership or pay for Robux to have a currency they could purchase items with until they were completely phased out.

Players accumulated tickets every day by logging in and used them to purchase certain items in the store or exchange them for Robux. While it took a lot of tickets to transfer the amount of Robux needed, this was a great option for those who couldn’t or didn’t want to pay for premium perks. Since the tickets have been withdrawn from Roblox, players have to pay for Robux, which makes purchasing items in the store more difficult.

Community creations

roblox avatar store community creations

Players were allowed to submit custom clothing designs in the past, but now Roblox has further broadened those horizons, allowing players to submit and sell tons of the best bespoke hair, accessories and more.

Robloxian creators and artists are happy with Robloxcommunity creations options now. They can really let their creativity run wild, designing items to sell to others or for their own character customization needs. Players can create and price their own unique clothing and accessory lines, allowing them to craft decent Robux with their creations sold in the shop.

DevEx functionality

Robux and money transfer faqs

DevEx is a new feature on Roblox which allows players to transfer their Robux to real US dollars. Now more than ever Roblox is more than just a game, it’s a community where gamers can have a real career.

Players on Roblox can sell their custom creations, in-game purchases, and earn Robux by visiting their games. DevEx or Developer Exchange allows them to transfer these Robux in cash as long as it exceeds the amount of 100,000 Robux. Players must be accepted through a DevEx app, have a confirmed email address, have a premium membership, and be over 13 to transfer. In some cases, players may also have to submit tax forms for transferred funds.

Subscribers VS Friends

Roblox used a simple friend list that required players to send friend requests in order to be accepted by others. Now there are two different lists of friends and followers.

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Like Roblox grows into a deeper community full of creators, players can follow certain users instead of befriending them. If someone doesn’t want all of a friend’s perks, such as chat, full profile view, or game-tracking capabilities, they can allow others to follow them rather than becoming their friend. Players can really build a reputation on Roblox now.

Screen Names

roblox screen name change menu

Robloxians were stuck with the usernames they selected when creating their account, but now Roblox allowed users to display different screen names instead.

Veteran players no longer have to cringe at the sight of their old usernames, thanks to a new feature that lets them choose display names. Display names will replace the username in most games and will appear on the player’s profile. These names can be changed once every seven days, allowing players to explore different options on a consistent basis. Players can reveal their real first names, nicknames, or come up with something more artistic.

Roblox Studio & Creations

roblox background with studio logo

Roblox has empowered its players to become even better creators with its expansive Roblox studio that offers gamers endless possibilities. The original “venue” studio, where veteran gamers may have created some of the best obby games, is no longer and is now an “experience” maker. They can create even better and immersive experiences.

Roblox Studio is like a blank canvas waiting for artists to paint a brilliant masterpiece. It has been extensively overhauled and updated from the original Roblox and grants even more tools, scripts and more to players to create a truly experience. It’s no wonder that Roblox Studio requires an entirely separate download, as it’s almost like a completely different game on its own.


Tailored content made Roblox a larger universe filled with endless possibilities for character creation. Veteran players may remember a time when there were hats, hair, and simple gear. But, there are now seemingly endless props available for characters in the store.

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Roblox has opened up many possibilities for players to create a unique and creative character. They can equip their character with the head, face, waist, and the best back accessories. The characters can wear masks, have backpacks or handbags on the hips. Community creations also improve new accessories.

Customization of characters

different types of Robloxians on blue background

Players can also remember when they had to purchase body packs to change their character’s form. These are still available, but Roblox added new features that expand the creative choices. These new features definitely make it one of the best character customizations in RPG games.

Characters can now be changed using sliders that adjust their body height and scale, making it much easier for players to create a character true to their taste. They should go to the avatar editor, hover the mouse over “body” and select the scale button. Players can make their characters taller or shorter, thicker or thinner, and adjust the proportions from this menu. If they want to go deeper into their character customization, they can get animations for their character actions like running, swimming, and climbing.


shopping menu with hats and arrows

Trading is another great new feature in Roblox that allows players to donate other items or switch items. Even some of the best role-playing games on Roblox are big on trade, like Adopt me, where players can actually enjoy the exchange of precious pets.

To trade with someone else, players need to go to the player’s profile, click on the three little dots on the right side of the box, and select the trade item button. It will reveal all items belonging to both players that are allowed to be traded. The player can bid, either just two items or add a small Robux with it. The request is sent to the other player, and he can either accept the trade or counter it with another offer until both parties are satisfied. This makes it much easier to donate items or Robux than the old “t-shirt” method.

No more constructors’ club

The R0bloxians have witnessed the release of the Builder’s Club, the various scarcities of subscriptions available to them on Roblox which guaranteed different advantages. Now, there is only one premium membership that players can purchase.

Roblox is free for all players, but if they wanted some extra bonuses for the game, they could increase their free account with a subscription that included a daily Robux allowance, the ability to join more groups or create new groups, and to join restricted games. There were three different Manufacturer’s Club modes, each a little more expensive than the next with increased benefits. Roblox removed all three and has now decided to stick with a single premium subscription, but with different amounts of Robux in the allocation for higher costs per month.

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